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Setup Online Forms

You can create online forms for Alumni Submission, Event Donations, Event Registrations, and an Admission Information Request for prospective families. The forms are predesigned to match the fields in School Development. When a form is submitted, an email will be sent to the address identified to receive each form submission.
Event Registrations and Admission Information Requests automatically add that information to the Event Registration data or the Prospective Family data. Alumni submissions can be viewed in the View Alumni Submission screen in the Donor Info module. Then it can be determined whether to add that submission as a new alumni or to update a current alumni's information. Event Donations are entered manually once it is confirmed the payment has been received by PayPal.
With these forms, you can add a link in your web site to the online form or you can embed the online form in a page on your web site. If you wish to embed the form in your own web site, you must also email Tech Support the domain of your school web site so it can be added to the acceptable sites for iframes.
If you wish to accept donations or event registration payments online, you must have a PayPal account with the proper configuration. Go to PayPal Setup for information on configuring the PayPal account. Contact Tech Support at 914-384-6701 for help with this.