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Sending Emails

You can create emails to send to various constituents. You can also attach a document to the email that is sent.

When the email is sent, it will be sent from the address Email replies will be sent to the address of the user that is logged in to the School Development program.

However, any emails that are undeliverable will be returned to the address. If you want to check emails that are not delivered, you can set up an account in your local email client for the email address The POP3 and SMTP servers are The Outgoing server should require authentication. The POP3 server port is 110. The SMTP port is 25. These are not secure connections.

If you have a Gmail email address, instead of setting up an account in your local email client, you could set up your Gmail account to check the email account. In your Gmail account, go to Settings - Accounts. Next to Check mail from other accounts, click on Add Another Account. Enter the email address mentioned above. Then enter the POP3 setting as mentioned above. Once it is confirmed you can receive email from that account, select the choice that you do not wish to send email as that account.

Contact Tech Support for the password to account.