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Donor Information

The Donor Info section keeps track of alumni and other donors for the school. In this section you can enter and change donor information, and import donor data from other databases. You can also view donor information and print tax letters for donors.

Setup Donor Custom Fields - There are numerous fields already set up for the donor information. You can also setup six custom fields for other information you want to enter from this form.

Add New Donor Info - Use this forms to add a new donor. For some donors you may want to include both the husband and wife together so you can enter both of their names for the First Name, e.g, Tom & Mary. The Business/Organization is used to identify a contributing Business or Organization. If a donor doesn't want to be contacted, check the box to exclude the appropriate methods of contact.

View/Change Donor Info - From this screen you can view donor information, including the donor's giving history and contact history. You can also go to the Change Donor Info screen to make changes to thd donor information.

View/Update Donor Duplicates - Use this screen to identify donor duplicates and then update or delete the duplicates. You can view duplicates by the Donor Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, or Business name.

View/Import Alumni Submissions - Use this screen to view submissions from the Alumni Submissions form. You can then add the submission as a new donor or update a current donor's information. Go to Setup Online Forms for information on how to add an Alumni Submission form to your web site.

Import Donors from Text file - You can create an Excel spreadsheet of donors and then save it as a Tab delimited file to import the donors into School Development. Specifications for the import file are shown on that screeen.

Delete Donor - From this screen you can delete a donor.

View Donor List - You can select various information about donors and create lists that can be exported to Excel.

Print/Edit Donor Tax Letters - Print letters that shows the donor contributions for a year for tax purposes. Use the Edit Tax Letters screen to enter specific messages you want to include in the letter.

The Donor Giving Summary - This will show information on amounts given by donors for various selected selected events.

Enter Donor Contact - Use this screen to enter a donor contact for a specific event. (If you create mailing labels or send emails through the School Development program, you can choose to add a contact when completing those actions.)

View/Change Donor Contact History Summary - From this screen you can view and change previous donor contacts for specific subjects or events. You can add comments or response information or delete the contact.