School Development   by EduConnect

School Development allows you to enter and view information on events, donors, alumni and prospective families. You can track money raised by fundraising events and generate reports that show a history of donor contributions. You can create mailing labels, send emails and print tax letters. It includes the following modules.

Donors and Alumni

This module keeps track of alumni and other donors for the school. In this module you can enter or change donor information and import data from other databases. You can also view donor information and print tax letters for donors. The Donor Giving Summary will show information on amounts given by donor for various events and years selected.

Fundraising Events

This module keeps track of fundraising events for alumni and other donors. You can enter as many events as you desire and record donations to each event by year. If you take pledges for the event, you can also enter the pledge amount, check amounts pledged and send letters and statements to those who've made pledges or donations.

Prospective Families

This module keeps track of prospective families and students. In this module you can enter and change prospective families information and send letters to prospective families. You can export the prospective family's information to an Excel speadsheet once the family officially enrolls to import into your Student Information System.


Other Actions

  • Use the Calendar to keep track of events, meetings, tasks, deadlines, etc.
  • Create mailing labels for various groups
  • Send emails to various groups
  • Create online forms for alumni information, donations, event registrations, and prospective family information requests
  • Create lists for export to Excel